The Mech Touch - Chapter 5888 The Wrath of Humanity Free Read Online (2024)

Chapter 5888 The Wrath of Humanity

A short time after Fire Elemental had undergone a radical transformation, Ves teleported back up to the surface of the Dominion of Man.

The entire side had become almost unrecognizable compared to its previous state. The fighting that took place above the surface had wrecked so much hull plating, gun turrets and other exterior modules that the entire site resembled a metallic wasteland.

If not for the fact that the Spark Reactor was generating an excess amount of fire energy that inevitably leaked out of the hull, the entire place would have looked lifeless and desolate.

Of all of the tribulation manifestations that had managed to tear up the precious dreadnought, none inflicted as much damage as the clone of the Subjugation King.

The powerful entity had done nothing but shine a harsh light that disintegrated and broke down everything it touched. Energy barriers, bulkheads and other objects never lasted for long.

It was an omnidirectional attack that even began to break down the armor of Dread Marines who had been trying to bombard the implacable alien foe from a distance!

The consequences of letting the clone shine his damaging light onto dreadnought was rather devastating.

Not only had a lot of intact modules and armor plating on this side of the Dominion of Man begun to malfunction and break down, but the radiant enemy had also carved a deep bowl-shaped hole directly underneath his floating position!

The overall shape of the Dominion of Man resembled a sausage. Right now, one of her sides not only looked like it had been fried, but a certain animal had also taken a bite out of the sausage!

The good news was that the Dominion of Man was so large and resilient that the clone of the God King failed to breach too deep into the citadel. The enormous hull was not in danger of snapping into two separate pieces, but it was clear that the vessel could not afford to exert too much stress onto her damaged structure.

Though the damage to the warship was horrendous, Ves knew enough about the design of the Dominion of Man that she managed to retain much of her combat effectiveness.

So what if one of her sides got chewed up rather badly? She still had other sides that retained most of their functionality!

The dreadnought simply had to take care to not show her injured side to any threats. Ves was sure that the damage control teams and the automated repair systems would be able to close a lot of gaps and repair a lot of salvageable and partially damaged components.

However, very few of these measures could be undertaken while the clone of the Subjugation King continued to shine like a miniature star. The constancy of his hostile light only spread further destruction. Stopping him had become a high priority, especially when he had been left unattended for such a long time.



"—SHUT UP, YOU THREE-EYED BASTARD!" Ves shouted back! "I am sick and tired of your nonsense. I am not a slave, and neither is the rest of humanity. It is high time for you to get beaten like all of the other aliens that thought to challenge the human race!"

Despite the rising heat, the Subjugation King still had the temerity to express contempt at Ves.



Ves sneered at the arrogant alien bastard. "I am going to make you eat your words. We are not primitive! It is you who is the primitive around here! I am better than you, and the human race is much more enlightened than a race who only thinks about enslaving and killing others. I will not falter today, because I have gained a new ally that will help me beat you until your manifestation explodes in my hands. Furia, show this alien the wrath of red humanity!"

As Ves began to remove his Unending Regalia and unfold his strengthened true body, another major development occurred.

Much of the fire energy that pumped out of the Spark Reactor began to converge and concentrate behind Ves' back!

They briefly took the form of burning wings, their heat so high that they should have burned Ves as well as the nearby hull structure due to the excessive concentration of fire energy.

Yet despite concentrating so much fire energy than what Blinky had ever managed during the previous phases of this confrontation, the majestic and awe-inspiring fire wings did not inflict any damage to the dreadnought or those who fought on her behalf!

This was an indication of excellent control. The fact that the fire energy had come under the control of a conscious and powerful fire cultivator apparently made a huge difference!

The wings did not last forever. The concentration of fire energy continued to grow until the flaming manifestation slowly detached from Ves.

The wings began to compress and adopt a human-like shape.

Unlike the originally masculine Fire Elemental, the shape he had adopted after getting flooded with an excessive amount of human faith was distinctly feminine in appearance!

The fire lady clearly retained a lot of common traits of her original incarnation, but also showed undeniable signs of change.

Much of the people who had supplied their faith energy to Caramond had adopted the ancient custom of calling ships in a feminine fashion.

Though the practice was ceremonial at most, so many people called dreadnoughts like the Dominion of Man as 'she' that the Fire Elemental had become feminine as well!

That was not all. While the Fire Elemental had retained the immense anger of her original personality, her new values and principles caused her fiery emotions to be directed away from the humans who rebelled against the immortal gods!

From the moment of her 'awakening', the faith-forged Fire Elemental had assumed an entirely different mission and purpose in life!

As her manifestation radiated so much heat and passion that her blazing light had pushed back the harsh light of the alien tyrant, the new arrival proudly announced her existence to the new frontier!


After Furia made her declaration, she directed one more hateful glare at the clone of the God King before breaking apart!

As much as Furia wanted to act on the wrath that so many fleeters held towards the powerful alien, she was willing to respect the rules of the ritualistic combat setting.

The concentrated fire energies that previously made up her body did not dissipate.

Instead, they split into two and went on to empower two entirely different combatants.

The Dreadfire Legion that had largely remained irrelevant since the 9th wave began suddenly gained a huge infusion of fire energy!

Each Dread Marine became infused with much more power than before. As they fired their ranged weapons at their target, they found that the fire energies not only clung to their attacks a lot more effectively than before, but also managed to overcome the alien's defenses and inflict real damage, however small!

Hundreds of thousands of surviving and combat capable Dread Marine became buoyed by this discovery. They renewed their assault and began to exert real pressure on the clone of the Subjugation King!

What happened to Ves was even more dramatic.

So much deadly but also friendly fire energy had voluntarily put themselves under Ves and Blinky's command.


The gigantic form of Ves began to get engulfed by fire energy that was generated and kept under control by an actual True God this time.

Ves found it strange how pliable the fire energy had become, but he did not let that distract him from constructing a bigger, better and stronger raiment!

The massive boost in control and the complete lack of resistance allowed Ves to go much further with this than before.

The fire energy longer inflicted any strain, allowing to remain clear-headed enough to work out the finer details of his simulated equipment.

If Ves previously looked like a phase lord, now he looked like a mech forged out of fire.

Taller than a typical mech but shorter than a juggernaut, the fireclad Ves resembled a mechanical demon that had come straight out of hell.

The thick armor system that surrounded his body adopted an aesthetic that was both functional but also stylish.

Ves couldn't resist the urge to make her contours sharper and more intimidating. He also added a horn on the head of his fire energy raiment.

As for armaments, he decided to copy the Mars once again. He had always regarded it as his strongest mech, though his ownership had become a topic of contention nowadays.

Regardless, he had long associated the ace mech and its pilot with strength, so it was much easier for him to form and empower the simulated ARCEUS System, the shoulder-mounted missile launchers, the transphasic axe and the transphasic shotgun.

In order to ensure they possessed the penetration power required to beat up his opponent, he willingly spat out a large glob of blood that went on to add transphasic properties to his fire energy equipment.

As Ves completely wrapped himself up with Furia's blazing power, his passion began to ignite as well!

It was difficult for him to maintain a cool head while he became immersed in the transformed Fire Elemental's absolute loathing towards the Subjugation King!

Now that he had assumed his most powerful fighting form to date, Ves pointed the transphasic shotgun straight at the powerful clone!


A powerful blast erupted from the simulated shotgun!

The weapon ejected a powerful concentration of transphasic fire energy that struck the clone on the chest!

The concentrated fire energy exploded upon impact, producing enough force to launch the clone backwards while interrupting his lightshow!

A large and obvious hole appeared on the chest as the singular attack had successfully breached the exoskeleton of the lightning manifestation!

Multiple beams of fire energy struck the clone's body at various points.

While none of the attacks were as powerful as the first strike, they struck with such heat and potency that they disrupted the clone's moves.

A giant flaming comet soon slammed into the staggered clone!

Though the Subjugation King had raised a bone spike to block a fiery axe strike, the weapon struck with so much power and momentum that it had broken through this hasty defense and chopped off the other limb!

A second explosion of tribulation energies blasted both combatants away from each other, but Ves already expected it as he allowed his ARCEUS System as well as his missile launchers to open fire on the injured clone!

Though the tribulation manifestation had not lost all of his combat effectiveness, the unrelenting offensive from Ves never gave the alien a chance to form a proper countermeasure!

While the fire beams unleashed by the ARCEUS System continued to keep the alien off-balance, the barrage of transphasic fire energy missiles exploded against the clone's body, weakening and shattering even more exoskeleton pieces!

Ves in Mars raiment had already closed in just enough to let loose another powerful blast of his shotgun!

This time, the storm of transphasic pellets punched through the weakened and exposed body, inflicting plenty of injuries that further weakened the alien's body!

This bought plenty of time for Ves to close in and chop his powerful transphasic fire energy axe onto the smug and arrogant head of his target!


The axe chopped the head right down the middle and ultimately sank into the upper chest.

Shortly after Ves had inflicted this fatal strike, the entire body of the clone began to crackle with tribulation lightning before exploding with far greater force than before!

The Mech Touch - Chapter 5888 The Wrath of Humanity Free Read Online (2024)


Where can I read the Mech Touch? ›

The Mech Touch is mainly published on and a select few platforms affiliated with the parent company of this website.

What is the story of the mech touch? ›

Synopsis: Humanity has conquered half the galaxy and the Age of Mechs reigns supreme! Ves Larkinson lacked the genetic aptitude to become a famed mech pilot. Fighting against his fate, he studied mech design in order to express his love for mechs as a builder instead of a soldier.

What is the age of mechs? ›

The Age of Mechs is Humanity current era. It was not as if the introduction of mechs replaced other weapons of war. In the galactic war against the alien races that sought to wipe out humanity, warships and weapons of mass destruction still played an essential role.

What are the ranks in mech touch? ›

Cultivation ranks
1foundation builder
2domain shaper
3true god
4god king
1 more row

Who is the main character in the mech touch? ›

Ves Larkinson, the protagonist of The Mech Touch, was a young promising Mech Designer, founder of the Living Mech Corporation and part of the Larkinson Family, a Military Dynasty with strong roots in the Bright Republic.

What does mech robot stand for? ›

'Mecha' is an abbreviation, first used in Japanese, of 'mechanical'. In Japanese, mecha encompasses all mechanical objects, including cars, guns, computers, and other devices, and 'robot' or 'giant robot' is used to distinguish limbed vehicles from other mechanical devices.

What is the mech in fortnite? ›

The B.R.U.T.E. is a large bipedal mech which requires two players to operate properly. It has a driver, who controls the movement of the mech, and a gunner who operates the weaponry. The driver is able to move, stomp the ground to deal damage, leap forwards, and dash.

What is a mech in scythe? ›

Each player in Scythe can deploy up 4 mechs to assert force over the uncharted lands surrounding the Factory and to protect their workers and territories. Each mech is linked to a special ability, most of which are unique to each faction.

How tall is mech? ›

The average 'mech height, according to the Battletech fluff, is 10 meters. The Atlas is (If I recall correctly) about 11 or 12 meters in height and is one of the taller 'mechs. If I were to give a rough estimate to go by I would say light mechs 8 meters, medium 9, heavy 10, assault 11.

Do mechs exist in Star Wars? ›

Mechs were a type of walker used by those who called the poisoned planet Carnelion IV their homeworld. The faction called Open utilized mechs during the mission to Carnelion IV, the last skirmish of the Open-Closed war.

Who is the best robot in Mech Arena? ›

The Best Support Mech

Your choice here will depend on exactly what you're looking for in a support mech. Nevertheless, the consensus here is that, since everyone could benefit from having more health and being able to restore HP, then M.D. is the best Support mech, since his active skill lets it do exactly just that.

Is Mech Arena a mobile game? ›

It's cross-platform too, so you can play on mobile while you're out and about, then pick up on desktop for a longer session. Mech Arena is designed to run smoothly on most 4G/LTE networks.

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